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Inspiration comes from so many different places for me and every time something truly inspires me, I make note of it and keep it bookmarked, write it down or take a screen shot to remind myself of how I felt when I found it. This section highlights some of my inspiration through websites, memes, Instagram accounts, books and articles that inspired me in some way. I would love to share them with you.
I wanted to not only provide the resource but I wanted to share why it’s important to me and the topics that I want to continue to delve in to.

Websites & Resources  This is an amazing resource, and their mission is to help women achieve their ambitions at work to create an equal world.  Feelings of inadequacy in inequality often affect our mental health and force us to question our self-worth and abilities.  It is important to commit to having this conversation around equity in the workplace and adds to diversity and inclusion.  Harvard Business Review has some of the greatest articles on Leadership and strategy and you will see me reference a lot of their material through my own blog posts.  It is the leading destination for smart management thinking and discusses leadership from diverse angles.  It should come as no surprise, given the field that I am going in to that I would have a lot of heart for these articles and blogposts.  They also have a great Instagram account. @psyh_today This is where I got started.  I used their program to understand where I would like to start with my new journey.  I went through tests and a few sessions that allowed me to focus and narrow in on what I ultimately wanted out of the next chapter in my life.


Dare to Lead – By Brene Brown

Lean In – By Sheryl Sandberg

How I Built this – By Guy Raz

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

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